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Our most important employee......Mother Nature! Our business model involves taking out the 10-20% of the weakest genetics every year. Our no pesticide or mite treatment IPM approach allows a better, stronger genetic pool moving forward.

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Bjorn Apiaries

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PLEASE NOTE: Packages (SOLD OUT) for 2021 have been delayed till April 21-22  Check the "package page" for additional updates and details.

For immediate up-to-date changes and information please "like" our Facebook page. All updates to events, pick-up times, and general information is listed there also. Thank you!

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Mason Bee Class - 2/28/21
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Packages April 21-22 (SOLD OUT)

Sustainable Beekeeping Class - 5/15/21* SOLD OUT
Sustainable Beekeeping Class - 5/16/21* (50% filled) 
(*register for one day only.)

Queen Rearing - 6/12/21 (50% filled) 




Package Orders (SOLD OUT) are now open for the 2021 season.

Please see the "2021 package" page for ordering and other information. If you would like an order form mailed to you, send us your physical address.

Please email at mikenida@ptd.net or call


We are not taking nuc orders at this time till we know how winter plays out.

PLEASE NOTE: After a several year break, Bjorn Apiaries will once again host beekeeping classes at Bjorn Apiaries. We have a "Sustainable Beekeeping - A More Natural Approach" scheduled for May 15th, 2021.  This has been one of our most popular classes. And sure to book out. Additional Info on the "Events - Classes" page  

Honey Bee  and stinging insect removal: Please click on the "Bee & Swarm Removal" page.   


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Bjorn Apiaries is a family owned and operated honey bee business, located in southcentral Pennsylvania.


Our operation is focused on maintaining bees and providing mating stock from overwintered nucs and hives, and void of harsh mite treatments and chemicals. All of our bees overwinter in Pennsylvania. 

Honey and beehive products are produced with a licensed state honey house certificate of inspection. 

Bjorn Apiaries provides a host of services centered around helping beekeepers in a more natural way of maintaining hives. We have experience with traditional Langstroth hives, Warre hives, Top Bar Hives, Two Queen Tower systems, various comb options, as well as an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program to foster healthier hives.


Please Note:

The pages of this website are filled with our opinions, advice, observations, and experiences. We did not make this site out to be filled with research, other beekeepers experiences, or filled with book filler and academia type data to impress you. All information is from our own collected beekeeping experiences here at Bjorn Apiaries. EVERY picture is from a Bjorn Apiary location. You may not agree with everything we say. And that is ok. The intent of this site is to be honest, while passing on information from another beekeeper who wants to help others enjoy the fascinating world of BEEKEEPING!.

We invite beekeepers as well as anyone wanting to get started in beekeeping to contact us for a visit to one of our yards. There is always something going on within the bee community.


Please scan the pages of this website for details on classes, information on various types of beekeeping, as well as services and products that we offer. Do not hesitate to contact us with any comments or suggestions.

If you have any questions, please click here. We spend a considerable amount of time helping new beekeepers with questions and working out problems. While we do try to reply in a timely manner, there is a busy season, and of course sometimes we are simply away on business or pleasure. Thank you.
Have bee questions? Have a facebook page? Connect with PennApic and other beekeepers across the country and around the world. CLICK HERE for the PennApic facebook page.

Do you sometimes not know what to say, how to explain, or make suggestions to farmers and homeowners in regards to impacts on bees? Click here. This page is provided by the Pa. Backyard Beekeepers' Association. It explains some issues affecting bees, the details behind the problem, and perhaps a good way to pass along some information. 

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