Bjorn Apiaries

                                    Contact Information

Business Address:

Bjorn Apiaries at Honey Comb Farms

180 Century Lane

Dillsburg, Pa. 17019


* All classes, picnic, and functions are

  held at Honey Comb Farms


Mailing address

(Office and home address)

Bjorn Apiaries

696 Potts Hill Rd.

Lewisberry, Pa. 17339



Tel  717-938-0444



Email -



Please make sure you are picking up bees from the correct address and location.

Picnic, classes and most nucs are picked up at the Dillsburg address.

Queen pickup and other matters throughout the week is usually at the Lewisberry location.

Please call or contact us if you have any questions. 


This map shows our exact address for the Lewisberry location slightly off. We are on the 177 portion of Potts Hill Road that goes into the town of Lewisberry. The property is at the corner of Potts Hill and Old Quaker Rd. Minimize the map until you can see Old Quaker just outside of town on highway 177.

Get Directions To:
180 Century Lane
Dillsburg Pa. 17339
696 Potts Hill Rd
Lewisberry Pa 17339