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Unless otherwise noted, items are in stock. Items with limits are indicated by the number available. Please read individual descriptions for more information on each product.

Items may be ordered in advance of pickup with credit card or check. All payments made the day of pickup will be CASH. No exceptions.

2021 Products

Bjorn Aiaries is not a full supply warehouse. We keep and offer practical items we use ourselves, and pass along bulk purchased, overstock, and unique items not found other places. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question.

All items are priced for local pickup. We do mail some items. (Not nucs, complete hives, or top bar hives) Email for a shipping qoute. We only ship USPS. Click here for email.


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Swarm Lures

5 lures - $12.50

10 lures - $20.00


Shipping available - $3.00 up to 50 lures


Sold on Ebay for years, these lures are our own blend of pheromones. Sold in lots of 5 or 10. One lure (per trap) will last an entire season. Unused lures store well in freezer. Instructions are included to maximize success. Great for club & association gifts giveaways. Swarm lure instructions and tips for success can be found: Click Here

Mason Bee Kits


If you are close by, purchase your mason bees now, then attend the free workshop in February. You can pick the mason bees up and save on shipping while getting the basics of keeping mason bees.


Mason Bee Starter Kit (59.95)  includes 1 wooden bee home that holds approx. 75 tubes. You also get 25 extra tubes and 8 filled with cocoons. (each filled tubes normally have between 6-11 cocoons)  Painted mint green or steel gray/blue. Also available in natural Danish oil finish.

Instructions and assistance provided.


Extra tubes with paper inserts

(with kit purchase)

18.00 per 50

(no extra shipping fee.


Tubes with paper inserts

without kit purchase

18.00 per 50 with 16.00 shipping (up to 300 tubes)


Cocoons now Offered:

100 cocoons....$90.00

500 cocoons....$400.00

Please read the "Mason Bees" page of this website for helpful tips and instructions to properly keep mason bees.  

Bjorn Produced 

Raw Propolis

Collected from our hives, this propolis is not from "traps". Bees naturally collect this anti-bacterail product of the hive making it some of the best produced. No hive scrapings are used which allows paint chips and other garbage in the product.  Great for soaps, lotions, tinctures, and many other uses. A small amount goes a long way. Product is raw and minimally cleaned. No water bath or alcohol rinse has been used. We allow the buyer to further process the propolis depending on the actual intended use and application. Packaged in 1/4 pound bags. Cost 12.00 plus 3.00 shipping

Top Bar Hives

One available at this time. More can be preordered if time is allowed.

(Cost: 395.00)


Includes: One solid pine top bar hive with bees installed. Hive is painted a "low-profile" garden mint green. Comes with optional white metal cover, pull out IPM mite board, and divider (follower board).  Special arrangements must be made for transportation prior to hot weather.   



Rubber Matting

Sheets approx. 9x20 ft 

Cost - 30.00


Great for weed and grass control around the hives. Heavy duty rubber will last many years. No more weed wacking or chemicals around the hive. Sheets are approx. 9x20 feet in size. Well worth the cost for not dealing with weeds every year. No shipping available - Pickup only.

Misc. Used Equipment

(not stocked items)