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(Since 1999)

Bjorn Apiaries Fundraising



Bjorn Apiaries offers fundraising opportunities for schools, scout groups, sports associations, church, and others groups interested in a natural, healthy, and environmentally friendly product. Natural honey is a product that is easy to sell. And one that most everyone loves!


Make as much as 300 to 400 dollars for each 100 bottles sold. Great return for a product that literally sells itself! Whether you are a scout troop with 20 members or a group in the hundreds, we can make your fundraising efforts very rewarding.


Please call  or email for detailed information and assistance.

717-938-0444 or email


We are willing to tailor fundraising to your individial needs.


Why Bjorn Honey?

* Most fundraisers are focused on subs, pretzel sandwiches, pizza, and even outdated candles. Some involve candies and nuts in small increments that are frequently over-priced. Local natural honey offers a unique product with a high return.


* Honey can be given away as a gift. And it can be stored long term, and never goes bad.


* Selling Bjorn honey supports local agriculture and the beekeeping industry. Bjorn Apiaries 100% natural honey is locally produced by beneficial honey bees. Your fundraising efforts supports the beekeeping industry and overall environment.  

* Honey is a safe product that almost everyone uses.


* Profit per unit is larger than most other fundraising products.


* There is no pressure to hand-out orders on a particular day seen with other products. Honey is non-perishable making fundraising scheduling, pickup, very easy, and flexible.

Bjorn Honey is processed in our own state certified food facility.

(Facility ID 30783)  


Bottles are non-glass, safe, and comes with food tamper seals for your safety.


Custom labeling to market your group is available.


Our honey for fundraising is in one pound plastic bottles with flip caps.