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Bjorn Apiary Honey and other beehive products are produced free of traditional chemicals used in the bee industry. We have used no chemicals in our hives for over 10 years. We only produce from chemical free honey bee colonies, locally sourced, and of the highest quality

Bjorn Apiaries no longer sells wholesale honey and bee products to local retailers. We do offer bulk honey discounts for specialized orders.  We are happy to fill larger orders when available and time permits. 

Locally Produced Raw Honey From Bjorn Apiaries




5 lb Container - 28.00 each


1 lb Container - $6.00 each (minimum of 12)


*Local pickup available from our Dillsburg, Pa., location. Email or call 717-432-0313 to place an order. All orders are cash only. We do not have a retail store with normal hours. Please call before dropping by.


We are open on selected weekends at the "Beekeepers Outpost" where honey, beehive products and other nature related items can be purchased. Click here for more information.


Party and wedding gift sales, and other bulk orders information available upon request.



Local Raw Artisan Honey - Bjorn Apiary Honey is locally produced in Central Pennsylvania. "Local" is mostly defined as being produced within 50 miles. This allows honey to be beneficial to those who seek local honey for allergy relief, and other beneficial health benefits. Honey must contain pollen from local sources for it to be effective for allergy relief.


We do not highly filter or heat our honey. Raw honey needs to retain pollen and other bee additives. Honey should also retain beneficial enzymes and nutrients. Most lower priced supermarket honey offered, have been highly filtered removing all the beneficial pollen and micro-particles in attempts to keep the honey from crystallizing on the shelf. It is nothing more than a sweetener with no health benefits that most desire.


Are we organic? No! Since honey bees travel up to two miles collecting nectar for producing honey, certification of honey as "organic" is impossible. But careful selection of beeyard placement, not using chemicals in our own operation, and working with landowners, we strive to produce the best natural, raw honey and other beehive products possible.

Is all honey the same?


Honey comes in a wide variety of flavors. The lighter the honey, the earlier in the spring it is probably produced by the bees. Early varieties include fruit tree and locust. Summertime flowers such as clover, dandelion, and thistles produce a medium colored honey. Later fall produced honey may include darker honey from goldenrod, asters. With a few exceptions, the lighter the honey, the milder the taste will be for the honey. The darker the honey, the bolder the taste. Try different honey varietals. You will be surprised how many different flavors you will experience. And with literally millions of flowers being visited by honey bees in making honey throughout the year, no two bottles of honey are probably the same.





Prices available upon request.


Due to it's limited shelf life without freezing or other processing methods, Bjorn Apiary locally produced pollen is by seasonal pre-order only. Some desire fresh pollen not frozen or dried, depending upon the use. We produce only enough to fill orders made ahead of time or by automatic refill. Please contact us for additional information.


Wax products


Bulk Wax - 8.00 per pound (Sold out)


Nativity Scene Gift Set (11 figurines) - 45.00 per set


1 oz. Beewax Blocks (min order 12) - 1.00 each

(for string instruments, archery bows, woodworking screws, and other various uses. A great gift basket or party treat addition.)  

Honey Tip

Honey does not go "bad". Honey over time will crystallize. This is it's natural state and will happen over time. The more pollen and beneficial nutrients in your honey, the faster it will crystallize. Do not throw it away. Simply place the jar in warm water and it will liquefy.

Note: The reason super market quality honey does not crystalize, is that all the beneficial nutrients (pollen, etc.) have been removed. 

What is on a

honey label?


"Packed by" is a term many times used for operations that buy sometimes cheap imported honey and other sourced honey from large packers and then bottle it into their own bottles.


"Distributed by" is another term used by those who sell other producers honey but it also often indicates that the honey is bottled elsewhere.


Bjorn Apiaries honey is produced from beeyards located in South-Central Pennsylvania, unless indicated otherwise with certain honey varietals.


uses Include:


* Smokeless


* Waterproof leather

* Reeds for


* A Rust Inhibitor

* Window/Door jams

* Polish granite

  counter tops

* Homemade


* Bow strings

* Cosmetics

* Tinctures

* Lip Balm

* Hand lotions

* Soaps

* Polish snow


* Boot polish 

* Zippers

* Fly fishing lines

* Dresser drawers

* Protects


* Ornaments

* Waterproofing


* And many more!